About Us

Welcome to Bow Diva! I am Vicki, Mummy to three little cuties and owner of Bow Diva!  I started making bows a few years back, as I had my own little girl Brooke with beautiful crazy curly hair and found it hard to buy her nice clips and bows to keep her hair back from her face. From there I made some hair accessories for friends and family and it organically grew into a business as the months went on. As the seasons changed I adapted my styles and I found people were re-ordering consistently. As Brooke’s hair grew so did our product range. I also started attending Artisan Markets and selling face-to-face which let me see how popular Bow Diva was becoming. We very much are a family run business so you may find your stickers are a little wonky or have a little hand-drawn picture on your order – this is Brooke helping us dispatch orders for some pocket money. Sometimes you may even get served by her at the Artisan Markets, if so then I apologise for the up-selling, she may only be 8 but she has mastered the art of selling already!

I also have little Eden, who has inherited the gorgeous curls modelling now too. Bow Diva has allowed me to work from home, learn new skills, and generate a small income while enjoying the kids and watching them grow as every parent would love to be able to do. During this time I’ve captured the journey and progress and posted it via Bow Divas social media pages. As the kids grew so did Bow Diva, so now it is an established business with a steady customer base and I have decided to push it a little further and expand. I’m a Mummy first but my entrepreneur streak has opened my eyes to how far I can go and I am very excited to bring our loyal customers along with us for the ride.

Fast forward to today and Bow Diva is fast becoming its own brand! I have a vast beautiful range of hair bows, scrunchies, hair bands and various hair accessories, not just for little divas but for the teenage divas and even Mummy divas too! We can create bespoke occasion bows and headbands, personalised bows, hairbands, school bows, pretty much everything.

We also have an exciting Pet Diva range being launched for all those pets that have a diva streak in them.

Our customers absolutely love our branding so we now have a Bow Diva merchandise range of T-Shirts, Water bottles and even Coffee cups for the mums on the go… these can all be personalised with customer names too. We also offer business clothing, as I know how important it is to get your brand recognised and out as much as possible.

Follow our journey and keep in touch with us via our ever growing Instagram and Facebook, I absolutely love seeing all your little #BowDiva pictures and videos! As some of our customers know I am very interactive and I do respond personally to all your queries, hashtags and pictures, so please continue to keep in touch!

Also know that when you purchase from Bow Diva you are supporting my small business, my little family and my dream! So thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Vicki- CEO/Kiddie Chaos Co-ordinator